We thought we'd do something new!

Thanks for joining us on this online revolution of a thing. Suzie and I really thought about how to get your exercise experience off the ground and easy to use at home.

We have Unlimited Yoga Membership at a ridiculous £10 a month to launch this lockdown or if you want it commitment free, you can pay per class.

If you have a bike at home, you can download one of our Revolution classes with our fab instructors.

In any case, we know you are needing something which has value and can help you keep fit and sane during this lockdown and we hope this is it.

We also have zoom classes under our Live section, from Go Yoga and Go Revolution you can access live classes to your home on zoom.

A few things about zoom, you are VERY WELCOME to turn off your cameras -

if you feel a little bit in need of focus during your class. I know sometimes it can be intimidating, this is perfectly normal to do and the more classes I do round the world, the more I see this happening. We really don't mind, so go ahead.

Anyhow welcome to Lockdown and let's make it a good one, get the most out of it that you can and STAY SAFE:)


Sophie x