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Sophie Bickerdike hailing from Yorkshire, the North of England that’s 5 hours North of London.



Music has always been part of her life.


When she was 5 years old she had a passion for music, playing the piano every day. 


She slowly started going into acting, and managed to get a small successful acting career appearing on local soaps, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The Maltesers ad and little Films.

She’s always been a creative person with a need to perform.


After a while of having been an actress she took some time for her children and started teaching yoga at her own studio.


Sophie decided to take more time out to become a mother, but music called her back to create and write and sing more and more music.


From writing in her journals she found her passion for music back as her writing turned into songs.


Her first instrumental release on her F.E.A.R label was featured on BBC Radio York and Sophie was interviewed on National Poetry Day for her lyrics.

Her first collaboration is with Christina Taylor from Boston, Massachussetts with her band Octoburture. Their debut collab is Force of Nature, released 28th January 2022.



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